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Appraisal of all types of Real Property
    -Conduit self contained complete reports
    -Self-Contained Complete Reports
    -Summary Reports Complete Appraisals
    -Limited Summary Appraisals
Appraisals and Consulting Assignments
of Telecommunication Facilities

    -Single Site Market Rental Analysis
    -Multi-Site and Network Rental Analysis
        • Mono Poles
        • Utility Poles
        • Co-Locations
        • Mountain Tops
    -Proximity Value Surveys
        • Measure property value consequences from cell site proximity.
    -Urban, suburban and rural site determinations.
    -Microcell, Minicell, and Macrocell Determinations
Segregated Cost Analysis Studies
  for Accelerated Depreciation
    -Depreciation to comply with the Modified Accelerated
      Cost Recovery System (MACRS)
        • Tangible Personal Property
        • Land Improvements
        • Long Lived Items
Real Property Estate Appraisals
Fractional Interest Appraisals
    -Provide value estimates for partial interest.
      Utilized primarily by attorneys and accounts to
      determine discounted asset values.
Appraisals of special use properties
    -School Sites
    -Auto, Recreation Vehicle and Motorcycle Dealerships
    -Healthcare Facilities
    -Correctional Facilities
    -Mobile Home Parks
    -Self Storage Facilities
Highest Best Use Studies
    -Real Property
    -Telecom Sites

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